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The Value of Full-Stack Development

If you own a business, manage marketing campaigns, or have any stake in the success of your organization, then you know the importance of a user-friendly website. You also know that you need more than a pretty home page: your site needs to pull its weight by collecting user data, storing information securely, and loading instantly. 

What does it take to get there? The answer lies in full-stack development. 

Some engineers specialize in front-end development, or the process of constructing the client-facing portions of the site. Others may be adept with back-end programming: the gears that make the site function correctly and communicate to the server. If you want a site that’s both visually appealing and has the capability to meet the demands of your customers and marketing campaigns, then you need to partner with an agency that can do it all. 

Here’s why full-stack development is so essential for your business goals.   

What Is Full-Stack Development? 

The front end of a website includes all the visual elements that users see and interact with: fonts, buttons, images and hover effects all fall into the front end category.

The back end is equally vital. Behind the scenes is extensive programming work that ensures the site loads efficiently and stores user data appropriately. 

There are certain programming languages that lend themselves to either front-end or back-end development. So naturally, there are many developers who focus on one area or the other. The term “full stack” refers to both front-end and back-end programming. 


Why Should I Invest in Full-Stack Development? 

We always recommend partnering with a full-stack development agency. And it’s not because we want to impress you with our web dev jargon. 

An eye-catching website with killer scroll effects means nothing if it doesn’t function correctly. Similarly, your site might do everything you need it to – take reservations, process sales, update your inventory – but if it looks like it was made in 1999, no one’s going to trust it.  Clearly, you need both your front-end and back-end programming to be on point if you want to compete in today’s digital landscape. 

A well-respected web development agency will have a team of software engineers. Some may specialize in front-end programming, some might be back-end developers. But your website will  benefit from all of their combined expertise. 

The finished product will have the best of both worlds. You’ll end up with an aesthetically appealing user interface that’s branded, clean, and makes sense to the end-user. And while you can’t see everything that’s happening on the back end, you can trust that your pages will load quickly, look consistent on different browsers and devices, and collect all that valuable user data that you need for effective Facebook ads and Google campaigns. 

Let’s Chat

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to invest in a partnership with a full-stack development agency. It may cost more up-front than working with a single freelance developer, but you’ll reap the rewards once your new site goes live. And when you’re competing for every click and purchase, a beautiful and effective website will ultimately result in ongoing profits. 

Have you been longing for a website overhaul, or wondering how much it might cost to build that app you dreamed up? We’re a click away, and our team is ready to chat about your web development needs. Let’s talk about your next project