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Case Study

Six String Country

Six String Country provides engaging online guitar and bass lessons for musicians of any skill level. Boasting over 650 video tutorials that can be played on any device, they have helped hundreds of aspiring students level up their skills and cultivate a love for music.

Our Client

Six String Country

What We Did

Website, CMS, Mobile Application


React JS, React Native

Key Results

Rebuilt and streamlined the Six String Country website experience.
Migrated from antiquated platform to a modern, custom-build CMS.
Developed a suite of applications across all platforms and devices.
6String Project1


Six String Country was growing quickly but was experiencing scale issues because of the limitations of their website as well as their web and mobile applications. Their digital properties had been pieced together over time which resulted in a hodgepodge of different code bases, as well as an antiquated CMS which made it difficult to update content.


Six String Country partnered with Studio12 to completely rebuild their web and application experience. The first step was to streamline the content management experience so the team could easily grow and manage their tutorial and video library. using React JS, the Studio12 team built a 100% custom CMS that fit the specific needs of the Six String team.

When the website was complete, the Studio12 team turned their attention to Six String’s applications. The ground up rebuild in React Native created a lightning-fast, responsive experience on both web and mobile and elevated the professionalism of the Six String brand. These new applications enabled the Six String team to scale their product offering and grow their customer base.

Our Perfomance

"The nearly around-the-clock access to our project manager and the speed of addressing real time issues are so unique."

Tony Bakker, Owner, Six String

6String Project2

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