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The Process for Developing An App

Brands across every industry benefit from having their own, unique, digital experience. 

And for some, that means developing their very own app. 

Maybe you’re already working with a client who’s exploring the idea of creating an app. If not, it’s probably a question that’s going to come up sooner than later. And it’s a good idea to be prepared: if you know which questions to ask, and have an idea of the process, you’ll be able to steer your client in the right direction from the beginning. 

So here’s a basic outline of how we work with marketers and agencies to plan, design, and launch a custom app. 


1. Figure out if an app is the right next step. 

It might sound basic, but this is a crucial first step. 

Many businesses are drawn to the idea of having their very own app, and for good reason - it can be an excellent way to retain customers and strengthen communication with new leads. 

But it often comes with a hefty price tag, and a substantial investment of time and resources. So before moving forward, have a few direct conversations with your client about their goals, budget, and how they’ll measure success, to help them figure out whether they really need a custom app

For many clients, the benefits of a customized app make it well worth the investment. And for those who aren’t quite ready to dedicate the budget or time to development just yet, we can partner with you to improve their website, build a web app, or launch an ecommerce tool to achieve some of their goals.

2. Conduct some market research. 

Even if this is a client and industry that you’re very familiar with, we recommend that you do some investigating before diving head-first into app development. Do your research, and try out any other apps in your client’s space. Gauge their features and what they do well, as well as areas where you think you might be able to improve. Document their features and benefits as you go. 

This will also give you a chance to define, along with your client, exactly what your unique offering will be.

3. Start designing. 

Once you know that you’re going to move forward in building an app for your client, it’s time to start sketching out the user flow. 

In the early stages of design, try to work in all of the must-have features your client’s looking for. We’ll partner with your team throughout the designing and planning phase, so you know exactly what’s possible, and how long certain aspects of your app will take to develop. 

4. Partner with a white-label development agency. 

As a white-label service, we’ll provide all of the technical programming knowledge to build an app behind the scenes. Your team and ours will work closely together to ensure we’re building in all the features your client needs to stand out, and doing so in the most streamlined way. We’ll also communicate right away whenever there are challenges or setbacks, so you and your client know exactly what to expect with no surprises. 

5. We’ll test, improve, and launch. 

We follow thorough testing procedures to make sure your new app will work seamlessly on every device and operating system. We’ll take our time making improvements, so we can produce a digital product you’re proud of. 


Every finished product you produce for your client will be presented under your own branding. And we’ll work closely with you and your team to deliver a finished app that meets and exceeds your client’s goals.