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Prepping a Client for Building an App

We know this scenario well: a client asks you, their marketing agency or consultant, to help them build an app. 

And maybe, in the past, you panicked and turned down the project. You don’t know how to code, much less how to build an app from the ground up. And you probably don’t have any full-time Developers on staff. 

That’s exactly where we come in. We partner with marketing agencies to provide white-label development services, so you can commit to your clients’ wildest app dreams with confidence. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to prepare your client for the process of building an app. You’ll learn more about the process so you can guide them through the stages of app development, and also justify the time and cost that goes into developing an app that people actually want to install and use. 


Sourcing Developers to Build an App

Finding the right talent to create an app is no small task. You’ll need front-end and back-end coding skills on your side. Multiple languages and frameworks are typically needed to create an app that works smoothly and efficiently on any device. 

Plus, you’ll obviously want to work with a team that’s reliable, and partner with the same individuals throughout the project. This makes it much easier for your client, and for you. 

For all of these reasons, we believe white-label development services are the ideal solution. With white-label talent, you can meet your client’s needs with a team of Developers that you’ll get to know and rely on. And, you never have to reveal that you’re working with external talent. All the services you provide to your clients will come from you, under your brand. 

How Long Does it Take to Build an App? 

We always expect this question. Clients want to know upfront how long it will take them from start to launch. 

Unfortunately, it’s hard to provide an accurate estimate at the very beginning of a project. This is because Developers need to understand, in-depth, the functionalities that your client will be looking for. After a couple of conversations with your client, we’ll be able to help you set a realistic timeline for your client. 

If your client’s wondering why it might take that long, remind them that there are several stages that go into app-creation: multiple key players will have a part in designing, building, and testing it out on various devices. Then, there will be a soft launch before fully launching the app for live customers. 

The Business Value of an App 

When discussing budget and time constraints with clients, it’s important to always remind them about the end goal. Reinforce the value of having their own app: it will allow them to engage customers on more levels, and launch net new advertising strategies. 

Plus, app development is not the kind of project where you can cut corners. Sure, your client could probably find a Developer on Fiverr who’s willing to take on the project for a lower overall cost; they may even promise to have it completed faster. But if your client ends up with an app that’s glitchy or slow, customers will never use it. Even worse, it could turn off customers from the brand or product entirely, all because of a poor app design. 


When you’re ready to build the ideal app with your client, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process of quoting and launching an app with white-label development services.