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Studio 12 Debuts on Clutch and Racks Up Phenomenal Client Reviews

Headquartered in the heart of Riverside, California, Studio 12 is the perfect one-stop-shop service provider that can help you scale your business. Since our inception back in 2013, we’ve tirelessly strived to achieve excellence with our clients — helping them meet their requirements, solve their problems, and step up against the competition. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown over the years, and just recently, we’ve unlocked a new milestone with our beloved partners.

Studio 12 officially debuted on Clutch and immediately after, we racked up great ratings and feedback from our clients.

What is Clutch?

Known for its massive collection of client reviews, Clutch is an independent B2B market research platform located in Washington, DC. The site encompasses the IT, marketing, and business services industries — providing crucial insights to corporate buyers and service providers like us.

As of press time, we have 6 amazing reviews, and we are here to share some of those with you. If you take a look at our profile, you’d see reviews for our web development, software development, website reconstruction, app development services, and more. All of those reviews boast 5-stars for quality, scheduling, cost, willingness to refer, and overall engagement.

Take a look at what our clients said when asked about what was the most impressive aspect of our team or the project:

“Their wide-ranging knowledge of WordPress programming on not just coding but also on figuring out what’s going on with the technical side of things to solve problems is impressive. They’re not just the plug-in and customizer web developer; they’re a knowledgeable team.”

— CEO, Push Creative Co

“There have been times when I couldn’t meet the financial demands of the project, but I’m impressed with how flexible and helpful they are, so they're able to adapt quite easily.”

— Founder & CEO, Monocle Health Data

These are truly incredible! We are overwhelmed by their praises and we are beyond grateful for our clients who graciously took the time to review our services. It’s a massive honor for us to work with such wonderful people and businesses. We look forward to seeing more great projects like these moving forward.

If you’re wondering the full context of those quotes and more in-depth insights from our clients, you may check out our Clutch profile. Studio 12 is extremely thankful!

Finest and Brightest

Aside from our inaugural reviews on Clutch, we’re also excited to announce that we’ve been recognized by the newest B2B platform on the block, Top Design Firms. 

Top Design Firms is a fresh platform that curates and compiles hard data to help browsers navigate through the B2B markets. The site showcases the works and portfolios of the most credible service providers to help potential clients learn more.

According to their research, Studio 12 is one of the 100 highest-ranking iOS app development companies in Los Angeles! This is marvelous news to us! We are honored and humbled by this recognition.

Peace of mind is important! At Studio 12, we got you covered! Tell us more about what you need by sending us a message. Rest easy knowing that your project is in capable — and also award-winning — hands!