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Should Marketers Know How to Code?

Now that nearly all marketing is digital marketing, you’ve probably contemplated learning some coding basics. Whether you find yourself copy/pasting Google tags or catching small website errors that you wish you could fix, almost every Marketer at some time or another wonders if they should start learning some HTML. 

To be sure, a knowledge of coding isn’t at all required in order to be an effective digital marketer. But a foundational knowledge could help you make small fixes, and advise your clients. 

In this article, we’ll help you narrow down the key skills that are worthwhile for every marketer to learn themselves. 


Coding syntax

As a marketing consultant, you don’t necessarily have to be fluent in code. But it’ll be helpful for you to be able to recognize the basic components of a string of code. 

With just a few short tutorials or Youtube videos, you can learn how lines of code are put together. Then, when you’re looking at code or copy/pasting code strings, you can make small adjustments if needed. 


Basic text formatting in HTML

HTML is the starting point for just about anyone who’s curious about dabbling in code. You can easily pick up the basics of formatting text and paragraph breaks in HTML. These skills will be a relatively low lift to learn, but could come in handy when you’re editing content for clients (or even for your own website). 


The uses of different languages

There are literally hundreds of different coding languages. And there’s a reason for it: they function in unique ways, and are better suited for different purposes. 

If you have  an understanding of how the most common languages are used, you can help your clients understand their IT and web development needs - and make a case for bringing in front-end, back-end, or native app development talent when the time comes. 

You can also potentially help guide your clients’ hiring decisions. If they have front-end website issues, you can advise them to seek out someone who’s skilled in HTML and CSS - and they probably don’t have to shell out for a Python pro. 


An understanding of the agile process

Just about every developer or agency is familiar with agile development. If you know the key stages of agile development, you can guide your clients through the timeline, and help them understand what to expect when they embark on a major site or app overhaul. 


Know when to bring in a white-label development agency

It’s satisfying and rewarding to know how to do some basic code updates. You may even find that you enjoy the process of learning HTML, and dive in further. Your new skills are sure to help you become a more effective, and efficient, marketer. 

But if a client is looking for major website changes, audits, or even a whole new app - then your best bet is to bring in a team of experienced developers. With a white-label agency, you can continue serving your client under your own brand, but backed by knowledgeable programmers who are proficient in multiple languages. 


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the skills and knowledge to focus on - and when to bring in dedicated developers for your clients.