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Must-Have Features for Every App

For small and medium businesses that are looking to maximize their budget, it may be tempting to cut corners on the initial launch of an app. You may be focused on your business goals, and the primary actions that you want users to take within the app. 

But it’s actually crucial that organizations incorporate certain functionalities into any app they build. There are some features that users have come to expect from almost every digital product they use; and if you launch an app that’s cumbersome or frustrating for users, it may actually cause more harm for your brand than good. 

So if you or your client is planning to build your own app, then make sure you have the following key features mapped into the design. 

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  • Accessible Design for Every Device 

Whether customers are on a tablet, Android phone, or Macbook, they should be able to use your app and all the functions within it. So make sure your app is intuitive and easy to navigate on every device type and interface. 

Accessibility should also be considered when designing for a variety of screen sizes: buttons and text, for example, should be easily legible at all times. 


  • Search Bar

The humble search bar is often the fastest way for users to find what they need. But all too often, it’s overlooked.

Even if your app is relatively simple and easy to navigate, many users look for a search bar before they even browse through the main menu. As search functionality has improved over the years, users now expect that to be the fastest way to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

So if at all possible, build in a search bar that’s easy to find. As a bonus, make sure search results are easy to scan and optimized to drive users to purchase or take the next desired step. 


  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are the most direct way to send customers important reminders and updates. They also come with obvious business benefits: you’ll be able to reach your clientele wherever they are. 

Incorporate push campaigns into your app launch. Be smart about how you’re using notifications, as you don’t want users to start ignoring them, or worse - delete your app altogether. So make sure notifications are actually useful from a user perspective, as well as from a business standpoint. 


  • Fast and Secure Login

Your password requirements and login process should be appropriate to the amount of personal data you’re requesting from users. 

If you’re collecting highly sensitive information, then be sure to require strong passwords. You may want to consider incorporating face recognition options to get users into the app, quickly and securely. 

If you don’t require much user data, then basic username and password requirements should suffice. 


Be Strategic about Launching Any App

If you’re planning to help one of your clients build and launch a new app, then you’re going to have to invest substantial time, energy, and funds. So do it right, and develop a solution that customers will enjoy using, and come to rely on. 

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