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What Type of Development Work Does Your Client Need?

As the field of Web Development becomes more and more specialized, many marketing agencies run into the same problem: it’s often hard to determine what kind of web development work will benefit their clients most. 

Of course, most clients articulate their needs and goals in the context of their business. They may indicate that they want a faster website, better ways to collect customer information, or more robust tracking for their marketing campaigns. 

But the tricky part is aligning their goals with the right type of Developer to get the job done. 

We’re going to try to make this just a little bit easier for you. Scan the lists below to figure out what type of specialized Development work will have the most impact for your clients. 

And if you’re considering taking care of all those needs, we’ll also break down the benefits of working with a white-label development agency compared to hiring a Full-Stack Developer. 


How to Figure Out What Type of Developer You Need

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, and there will always be exceptions. When in doubt, you should always partner with an agency you trust to make sure you’re assigning the right Development talent for the job. 

But here’s our at-a-glance guide to help you hone in on the key skills your clients need. 

Look for Front-End Development talent if your client needs:

  • Interactive features for their site or app 
  • A new look for their digital products
  • Someone who can implement design ideas
  • A more user-friendly interface
  • A more mobile-friendly digital experience

Seek out a Back-End Developer if your client needs:

  • A better way of storing customer data
  • A faster site or app 
  • A new database system 
  • Cleaner integration with a server

Partner with a Security Developer if your client needs: 

  • Secure software systems
  • To debug known security vulnerabilities
  • To handle sensitive customer data

Partner with a Software Developer if your client needs:

  • To build or install customized software
  • Specialized programs for their business
  • Help troubleshooting new software or programs

Full-Stack Developer vs. White-Label Services

Of course, many clients will need both types of development work. Hence, the demand for Full-Stack Developers: masters of both front-end and back-end coding. 

The problem is, very few Developers are actually experts in both areas. Typically, you’ll end up working with someone who’s heavily skilled in one specific area, but is proficient in enough languages that they can work on both the client-facing side of a website, and the back end. 

That’s why most marketing agencies benefit from working with a white-label service, rather than attempting to hire the range of development  talent they need in-house. When you partner with an agency, you’ll have the benefit of working with multiple Developers who are all experts in specific skill sets.

The flexibility of working with a white-label development agency allows you to serve the needs of all your clients, in an affordable way that’s consistent with your own brand. 

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Curious how we can work together to help you offer both front-end and back-end development work for your clients? Schedule a call with us and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.