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5 Reasons Why Your Client Needs a Chatbot

Automated chat technology can save money, and increase customer satisfaction. In so many cases, it’s literally a win-win.

And, with the help of a trusted white label developer, you can partner closely with your client to build a chatbot that reflects a unique brand voice and tone. 

Chances are, you’re already sold on chatbots. But just in case you’re working with a client who’s on the fence about this interactive tech, here are 5 solid reasons why any growing business should leverage a chat tool. 

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It saves time for customer service.

Sales and customer service reps should be investing their valuable time where it really counts. They should be able to focus on slightly more complex requests and issues, and assist customers when they’re at the stage of making a purchase.  

There are plenty of fast, predictable questions that can be handled by an automated chatbot. If someone is looking for a contact number or asking about hours of operation, for instance, they can get a fast, friendly response from a chatbot, rather than taking the time to hop on the phone with a human being. 


It’s more convenient for customers.

The benefits go both ways. Customers often value the convenience of engaging via chat, right on the web page they’re on. They can get an immediate answer on any  device. 

And as every marketing professional knows: happier customers mean more sales and increased brand loyalty. 


It gives your client insight about their products.

The benefits of having a chatbot actually extend well after the interaction itself takes place. 

Data from chat convos can easily be stored, scanned, and referenced in the future. Chatbot records can be incredibly useful for creating FAQs, or even improving the product or website. 

Because of the format, written conversations are much more accessible than transcribed phone calls or informal self-reporting.


Responses are customizable.

Automated doesn’t necessarily equal impersonal. 

You and your client can work together to customize how the chat technology responds to specific scenarios and questions. That means you can infuse their brand voice into the bot’s responses, helping the technology to feel more warm and personal. 


It can increase sales.

Imagine this scenario: a customer is browsing a site, trying to choose the right product for them. They have a simple question about shipping. So they try to call the company, but it’s a Saturday and no one answers  (or there’s a long wait time). 

How often does this happen to your clients?

Chances are, they may be losing sales because customer service reps aren’t immediately available 24/7. A chatbot can solve this problem. If the customer in the above scenario saw a chat notification pop up after they’d been on a given page for a certain period of time, they’d immediately get the answer they need - and likely purchase the product then and there. 

In many industries, chatbots are proven to increase sales. With a little research, you can fairly easily predict a realistic sales lift for your client if they were to install chat technology on their website. 


Find the right partner for chatbot implementation. 

With these 4 solid reasons in hand, your client will quickly see the value of incorporating a chatbot into their customer service processes. 

Now, you need to find the right partner to make it happen. By working with a white label agency like Studio 12, you’ll work with a team of developers to help you identify the right tech solution, implement it, and troubleshoot after it’s launched. You’ll accomplish all of this for your clients, and it will all be provided through your agency.


Contact us today to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you serve your clients.