A Web + Mobile App Project

TCC wanted to be able to engage their congregation through specific communication channels, beyond traditional means such as email and texting; so we dreamt up a custom native app solution, with push notifications, that would sync up with the newly designed website we would build for them. Using our custom API we created a product we call "Single Dashboard", because everything can be done from a single dashboard: content updates, media handling and even sending segmented Push Notifications to groups of churchgoers. Making things easy to update was a game changer for TCC, as was the ability to send quick messages with deep-linking to specific groups with opt-in / opt-out settings. We had a ton of fun building this unique project and continue to better the platform as more and more churches jump on board!

Tech we used

We built the website using WordPress, then integrated a custom API to sync with the mobile apps that were built using Swift and C#

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